Welcome to my portfolio.

As a creative artist, I work in a variety of mediums, primarily digital. This page is to showcase my skills as a creative in both the artistic sphere and commercial sphere. This is a mix of both personal creative projects and commercial work. 

I am a professional writer who combines a variety of skills such as photography and web design to work on conceptual and traditional art projects. I have been working as a creative my entire life, even when I had other jobs until, eventually, it began paying the bills. 

So I hope if you love my stuff you’ll get in touch to say hi or to tell me about your own project you need help with.


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Pocadot Invitations

A beautiful business website complete with e-commerce features. I have worked extensively on the site producing both visual content as well as running the background functions of the website.


AVAVA Gallery

A quirky and fun website designed as a starting point to explore some of my creative works online.



A short series of photographic and poetic pieces relating to natural elements and interpersonal relationships. 



An extensive audio-visual project re-framing some aspects of popular culture (namely music) with a divine frame work. The project is part of the larger “Seven Seals” sites that explore everything from life and death through to celebrity obsessions.


Then I Passed

A series of 10 black and white images and 10 pieces of poetry. The writing explores love, loss and the progression of natural cycles.