Graphic Design

Logo Design

Social Step will help you design the right branding for your business or personal project. You probably have an idea in your head of what you want your logo and other branding to look like, and so our job is to bring that vision to life. 


Social Step can provide you with concept logos based on your own ideas or we can come up with something without your input. Our design process ensures our clients receive a logo they love.

Business Cards

Need a business card that you’re proud to hand to someone else? Our business card design service provides you with concept designs as well as a print ready version after you’re happy with everything.


Traditional flyers still work for so many businesses and we want to help yours really stand out. You just provide us with the key details for your flyer and we’ll handle making it look great!

Stickers and Labels

If you make an awesome product then you want amazing branding to help it look its best. We can create food and clothing labels, stickers as well as anything else you need to provide information or branding on your products.


Need new displays for your shop or event? We can work with your printer’s requirements to design posters for products or for informational purposes. 

Digital Designs

We also work with digital formats as well and can provide web ready images. This includes images and designs for websites, as we also offer a web design service.

Graphic Design Pros

Let’s get started

We have simple set pricing graphic design options available in our online store, as well as easy-to-understand per hour design charges.