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There has been a paradigm shift between brands and consumers communication. Today, the market is more customer-centric. Users can directly connect and interact with their preferred brands. Having said that, we also need to get in terms with an important fact – Websites are more than just a digital entities. They function as a salesman, storefront, showcase and customer support, all combined into one. Therefore, it is mandatory to have and build a website that offers the best user experience.

Upgrade Website Speed

Consumers today are always on the go. They have problems and want instant solutions. Frustration level rises when users have to browse through websites that take ages to load. It is one of the most important aspects of user experience that businesses should take care of. Your target audience comprises of individuals who need fast results.

A slow loading website can cost you, your potential customers because 40% users leave sites that take over 5 seconds to load. Along with this factor, Google too prefers fast loading sites.

Use Effective and Well Place CTAs (call to action)

Call to action or CTA is like a Salesman guiding customers to take the desired action. The second point to consider in enhancing website user experience is an actionable CTA. A website with an actionable CTA will help users to navigate the site in a smooth and efficient manner.

Experiment with CTA buttons, in alignment with the use of elements, such as, words, colors and designs that attract users. Doing A/B testing with CTA buttons will increase conversion by 10%. Also, have words and phrases in your Calls To Action that prompts users in clicking on the button. Keep the words Bold, Direct and Clear.

Mobile Ready Website

A mobile ready or a site optimized for mobile devices improves the user experience. 80% consumers use smartphones. 60% traffic comes from mobile devices. These numbers point out the importance of having a mobile-ready and responsive website. In fact, Google penalizes websites that are not designed and developed for the mobile platform.