You have probably seen mentions of hacking and cyber security on the news but think these large scale attacks are nothing to do with you. Admittedly, I used to think that being a small fish in a very large pond offers a certain amount of security too – but you couldn’t be more wrong. Your website security can mean the difference between waking up one day and checking your orders and emails, to waking up to a hacked website, or perhaps even worse, a malware infected site.

What are the consequences of bad website security?

Before we get into the steps you should take to secure your WordPress (or other type) of website, I thought this might motivate you to get secure. Here are just some of the consequences of not having the right security on your website:

  • Loss of control of your own website
  • Loss of confidential client and customer records
  • Installation of malware on your server
  • Destruction of your website
  • Lack of access to your website for visitors

Any of these problems would be a huge concern for any sized enterprise, especially small business. So what can you do to better secure your website and protect yourself and customers?

Securing your website against attacks

  1. Protect your usernames and passwords – are you one of those people who have a password that is “1234”? Then you really need to understand the sheer number of attacks that happen to try and login to your website. This isn’t people physically trying to log on to your site, usually, they are automated bots (programs) that just try and “guess” the combination. Always make sure you update your password regularly and use a strong password generator to make sure it is next to impossible to crack.
  2. Protect your server – check with your web hosting provider about the layers of protection they provide. You can usually pay a little extra to have active site monitoring and protection enabled.
  3. Security plugins – for those using WordPress, a lot of the hard work is done for you. All of our web design packages include specific security plugins to protect all kinds of nasty things.
  4. Keep everything updated – so many WordPress users in particular are guilty of this. One of the big reasons that new updates come through is because of security exploits. Make sure you update regularly because hackers make a point of tracking down particular sites that have not been updated and are therefore vulnerable.

If you are not sure if you are fully protected and secure feel free to get in touch with us here at Social Step. We can certainly check out your WordPress install and give you a security upgrade. If you’re looking for a brand new site you can be sure we will include some great security plugins.