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When you have an online business, you need to work out a strategic plan to drive traffic to your site, increase sales, generate leads, boost ROI and deliver the best customer experience. If your internet business is yet to achieve any or all of these goals, then it’s time for a complete online business overhaul. Before you outline a plan of action, determine the reason why your business needs a new strategic business plan in the first place.

3 signs that your online business needs a complete new overhaul

Low Search Engine Ranking

It’s only obvious to root for higher search engine ranking, when you have an online business. Getting higher SERP is one of the goals of an internet business. So, when you experience inconsistency in the rank and low traffic rate in your website, you immediately need to fix the issue. The problem may arise from search engine algorithm changes, optimization errors, etc.

Bland Website

Online businesses are mushrooming every minute. There is a fierce competition in the ecommerce market. If your website is flat in design and does not offer a visual impact to users, then it’s time to get a makeover for your site. User experience is the key factor that determines the websites today. Apart from this, you also need to upgrade your site with features and responsive interface.

Not Updated With Current Technology

Technology is advancing at lightning speed today. With an online business it is imperative to ensure website security. Update site with an antivirus software, install the latest CMS and make the necessary changes, keeping in alignment with the emerging technologies.

5 Ways To Enhance Your Online Business

Redesign your website, making it mobile-ready, robust, integrating with security ensuring features and using a UX design.

Research market and competitor sites. Outline buyer personas, and create products/services as per your audience needs. Deliver solutions to problems.

Develop a strategic content marketing plan. Have a blog, create informative content in different formats, from blog posts, ebooks, infographics to landing pages.

Create social media accounts, such as Twitter, Facebook business page, Instagram profile and others. Increase user engagement through social media by publishing engaging, informative, unique and interactive posts.

Prepare a Giveaway plan. It can be in the form of coupons, discounts, sales, freebies, etc. It will help in driving customers to your site.