Social Step has been operating in the Lake Macquarie area for a number of years now and have been thankful to be able to help many local businesses on a budget. This business itself began for me when I was working as a freelance writer looking to use more of my web design skills and my wife’s graphic design skills. I had taken a short break from it after the birth of our first child over three years ago now.

Doing the stay at home Dad routine for me has been so amazing and it has given me a different perspective on my business – as well as the businesses that I work for. They are, for all of my clients, a way of providing for themselves and their family. I really don’t meet too many people who see their business merely as a quick way to get rich.

For those of us in small business, you know the reality is different. LONG unpaid working hours. Nobody to help take up the slack. Am I enticing any newcomers to small business? Yes, those challenges exist in a small business, especially those here across the Lake Macquarie area, but there are also rewards too.

Being your own boss means being in charge of yourself and your own future. It can be like taking control of your own destiny. It is also a chance to make your dream business a reality. A chance to turn all of those little ideas in your mind into something tangible.

The first thing that is really going to make your dream a reality is your business logo. Yes, of course I’m going to say that, that’s what we do here at Social Step. But I actually mean it. Having that first visual representation of your business, putting it on some business cards, or perhaps even some car signage will really let you sit back and say “WOW, I’m really going to do this. I’m ready to be my own boss!”

Thanks for reading everyone. I will be starting some more relaxed blogs on setting up a small business, as well as some website maintenance and online marketing tips FOR FREE of course. If you want to support me, then contact me about some web design or graphic design assistance!

(Oh, and I write awesome blogs for businesses like yours too)

Have a great day!

Kevin (owner of Social Step)