Being a part of the SEO industry for a number of years can make you slightly cynical. It is a sector that can, at times, appear more like a cult than many other standard business to business services. I’m not going to join the regular chorus of “SEO is dead” that you hear so often these days, but rather concentrate on what really gets you results these days in terms of search engines – content.

On Page Content Written for PEOPLE

I’ve highlighted the word “people” here because many organisations I have worked with have simply forgotten its importance when it comes to trying to rank on search engines. This is because for so many years the technical side of SEO ruled – it was all about titles, descriptions and keyword stuffing.

So, first thing is first, throw everything you know about link building, keyword lists and almost everything SEO related out of your office window. Why? Because Google and other search engines now have a huge emphasis on the actual CONTENT of your website and not just the keywords it contains and the number of links coming in.

You need writing that is natural, written by an English speaker (i.e understandable and not gibberish written for $1) and written with specific questions and concerns your customers may have in mind. In fact, I would love to have you as a client, and I know the content I create will help your rankings, however, I am also happy to say that I know you can do some DIY content as well.

How Much are You Paying for SEO?

REALLY??!! Just kidding of course, whatever you spend is between you and your SEO company. My point is, you can have more effective results by paying less for original and targeted content for your website than you would with a traditional SEO service. As I said above, you can even try some DIY content on your site, try posting a blog post once a week or so, and measure the results over say, 3-6 months. You will probably get the same (sometimes better) results than you would with your SEO company.

Why I Don’t Do SEO Anymore

As a “content creator” (just writer is fine too!) I watched tech guys and girls in the SEO industry panic with Google’s updates that shone a light on the content they were using to rank in search results. I also saw my own projects and clients that basically had NO BACKLINK BUILDING start to gain major traction for keywords that brought real traffic (and sales). This proved to me that the only thing that was forcing these changes was original and well written content. Let’s call it relevant content.

I want to say to you, the business owner, right now, that if you are paying for link building services then stop and think about what you have on your actual website. Do you have great resources for customers? Do you write about the products you sell and love? Do you have someone creating original content for your customers and not just junk content designed around a few keywords?

If you answered yes, then fantastic! I know that will help your online presence immensely in the short to medium term. If you haven’t, then I invite you to have an obligation free chat with me after you look through exactly what I do in terms of writing services.

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