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WordPress is one of the most preferred CMS platforms. It’s more than just a blogging platform. WordPress is a versatile and evolved CMS or content management system. You can create robust websites, as well as, mobile apps and blogs. 22.5% sites are built and powered by WordPress. However, there are website security issues that WordPress users experience. But you can easily solve the website security problems.

Top 4 Common WordPress Website Security Problems And Their Solutions

SQL Injection

SQL injections are attacks that hackers make by creating embed commands in URLs. This particular website security issue can cause classified information to get leaked from the database. WordPress is a platform backed by a database. It creates a significant amount of vulnerabilities in the servers, leading to unauthorized activities.

Solution: Apache web server hosts majority of the installations. It outlines accessibility rules and aids in the prevention of such SQL injections. Social Step can even help you protect your site, or recover from security breaches.

Cross-Site Request Forgery

Cross-site request forgery is another WordPress website security issue. It is also called session riding or one-click attack. It is a malicious website attack that causes the transmission of unauthorized commands from trusted users.

Solution: Temporary injection of code.

Sensitive File Accessibility

There are numerous files present in WordPress installs. These are mostly off limits to others. Some of them are install script, configuration files, ‘readme’ files etc. These are private files and are prone to unauthorized access.

Solution: Addition of Apache .htaccess file commands that aid in blocking accessibility to these private files.

DOS or Denial Of Service

DOS is another WordPress web security issue that one can prevent, as well as, fix. It is a cyber attack caused by malicious elements that have the motive to make network resource or machine unavailable. It leads to the interruption or service suspension, but on a temporary basis.

Solution: You can take few steps to override this attack. One such method is to block the functionality of XML-RPC.

WordPress has higher popularity as a Content Management System, over other platforms, because it is user-friendly and secured. WordPress powered websites do experience few security lapses, but there are plugins and tools available to combat the problems.

Social Step can help you secure your website, monitor your uptime, backup your site and more. Contact us today.