It is easy to slip into the frame of mind that posting regular content to your personal or business blog is a chore. It doesn’t have to be this way people! If you are getting tired of posting on your blog then you really need to take a different approach because if you don’t like writing your content then chances are people don’t like reading it.

Just Take a Break

Yes, I know everyone keeps saying to post regular content on your blog come hell or high water but posting nothing is much better than posting absolute rubbish. Step away from your computer, run on the beach, fall in love, do ANYTHING else other than writing for a bit. Your brain will thank you.

I write for a number of blogs and businesses and while I am used to writing a larger amount of content I still take time outs from it all to let my brain return to normal. While I do travel writing etc. I try to never use the internet at all on holidays. It’s a holiday, and I work online, so the Internet to me is like stepping into the office.

Plan Your Blogging Content

You do know that you can schedule posts right? I am not trying to insult you, you just might be doing what I used to do – just jump on your blog and type away trying to create ‘something’. Having a clear plan for your content makes things so much easier and it will help you publish more regularly which helps your readers as well as makes the evil Google Demon happy.

Here are some ideas for easier blogging:

  • Create a series of posts – most subjects have different angles, so discuss them in detail on different posts.
  • Reply to other Blogs – see something you love or strongly disagree with? Then blog about it. This is engaging and keeps the blogging discussion alive.
  • Know your Keywords – use your keywords to seek out the right types of topics. This is great for SEO and will teach you things you never knew!

Cheat a Little

If you are really busy and are running a business blog don’t think all of the writing has to come from you. I write for clients all the time and I can tell you big companies usually don’t write any of their website content. Why is this? Well, because they’re not writers. Even if you are a small business it is easy to fit online content into your budget and you can always find a price that suits. Remember, you get what you pay for.

I never use freelancer anymore because it seems the businesses there only want to pay $1 for 500 word in depth articles! Yes, $1. I know you are probably opening a new tab and off to search for these amazing dollar articles, but trust me, they are either written by computer programs or by a non-English speaking person. Cheap content is VERY bad for your SEO!

Ok, so you don’t have the money to hire someone like me to write your content. No problem! There are plenty of cool ways to create quick, engaging and fun content. Find videos you love that are relevant to your blog on YouTube or a similar site like Vimeo and post them (along with a short discussion or description from you). Pictures are always great on blogs and I wish I had time to do more as I am also a photographer.

Take some photos to fill out your posts and, of course, you can blog about your photos. I can hear you saying already, ‘but I’m a business’. So, you need to take some fun photos at work, share your staff and workplace online! It adds a very personal touch to your business and lets potential customers know who they are dealing with. Of course, don’t post drunken photos from the work Christmas party!

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It is easy to slip into the frame of mind that posting regular content to your personal or business blog is a chore. It doesn't have to be this way people! If you are getting tired of posting on your blog then you really need to take a...