I have just been through a somewhat long process of rebranding, redesigning refining my own small business’ service offering so I know what it’s like to be critical of your own business. Especially if you’re the only one there to be critical of it – except the customers that probably won’t fill you in on any problems.

Think small, act big

So many of the small business advice columns you read online are – how can I say it nicely – a bit too Mr Positivity. While I am certainly not a pessimist, I would label myself a realist, and I believe a firm grasp on the real situation your small business faces is essential to survival and success in the business world.

The world is not your friend when it comes to starting, growing and maintaining your business. Competition can be fierce and not all businesses survive. So, this leads me back to being aware of your businesses’ weaknesses, but don’t let that blind you to your small business strength.

The biggest strength by FAR of any small business is its agility and ability to change. Corporations and larger enterprises struggle to adapt and change because of their size, but your small business is a light and fast jet fighter in a race against a container ship when it comes to adaptability.

A small business has less moving parts

Anything with less moving parts means that there is less chance of anything going wrong or breaking. This applies to your small business as well, but you should also make sure to maintain the few ‘moving parts’ you do have. Let’s look at some key areas that I look at constantly for new clients coming on board:

Your web presence – many Australian businesses don’t even bother to have a website, let alone a presence on social media. Make a list right now of what your business is currently doing to improve its web presence. Short list?

Your marketing – Is your marketing working? No? Then change it. Did you examine what wasn’t working? Did you discuss what might have gone wrong? Do you compare it with other successful marketing campaigns? Do you use digital and traditional marketing channels? While it sounds like a lot of questions, you really do have to be constantly questioning your business.

Your branding – We produce logo designs, brochures and more for clients looking for a fresh look. But how can we approach someone’s business and say “your logo is terrible!” or “your car signage looks a bit dated” without insulting someone. We understand a small business becomes your own baby as you build it and grow it. And so it is up to you, the business owner to recognise when you might need a ‘makeover’.

Make sure you don’t become too focused on the negatives of your business though! It’s all about vigilance and maintenance if you want to keep your flexible and fresh small business looking brand new to your customers. Don’t be that worn out and broken down business we’ve all seen and avoided.

Thanks for reading everyone!

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I have just been through a somewhat long process of rebranding, redesigning refining my own small business' service offering so I know what it's like to be critical of your own business. Especially if you're the only one there to be critical of...

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